Do not follow this advice!

Campaign for Liberty

Big government politicians have been working overtime to discourage you from getting involved in the political system.

They attempt to make it as uncomfortable as possible. They want you to give up and quit.

Big government politicians win when you quit.

That is why Michigan Campaign for Liberty continues to urge our members to become part of the solution instead of just sitting in front of our TV awaiting our doom.

The absolute most effective thing you can do is click here to become a Liberty Delegate.

What is a Liberty Delegate?

A Liberty Delegate is a Liberty Activist that pledges to run for the lowest office in Michigan –- precinct delegate.

Precinct delegates become the voting members of the major political party of their choice.

Precinct delegates have a lot of power. They decide certain nominations. They get to elect the party leadership and they get to elect who goes to state and national conventions.

This is why you should click here immediately and sign up to become a Liberty Delegate.

There is no doubt that the establishment wants you to stay home. Their biggest fear is that massive numbers of Campaign for Liberty supporters will take my advice and sign up.

In fact, it is estimated that between 5 and 9 million dollars were spent in 2014 to try and stop us from becoming precinct delegates.

And we have heard they are gearing up to spend even more this year.

Don’t let them win. Click here now to become a Liberty Delegate.

I guarantee you they would not spend this much money to stop us if they did not understand how much damage could be done to their big government plans.

The unfortunate thing is most of you don’t understand how much damage can be done to their big government plans.

Yes, it is sometimes hard to deal with some of these folks. Some can be rude and vicious. Some will lie, cheat, and steal to stop you from being successful.

If we quit, they win. If we keep moving forward and we keep growing, we win.

It is that simple.

In fact, they know if they are simply mean and nasty to us then many will quit. That is why they do it.

Let’s show them we are not going to retreat. Click here to sign up as a Liberty Delegate!

In Liberty,

Tony DeMott
Michigan Campaign for Liberty

P.S. We are close. We’ve already forced concessions on a number of issues. With a few more members, we can catapult our issues to the front of the agenda. Click here to sign up as a Liberty Delegate!

P.P.S. Want to help even more? Join the Constitution Club! Click here to find out more.

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