What is a Liberty Delegate

First and foremost, a Liberty Delegate is a precinct delegate, so it is important to know what a precinct delegate is.

Precinct delegates are voting members of political parties.  Only Republicans and Democrats have precinct delegates.  This is because these two parties are favored by the state and granted special privileges by the state.  I mention this because it is important to know that precinct delegates are defined by law.

Precinct delegates are elected in the August primary of even years.  In August 2016, a new batch of precinct delegates will be elected.  Their term will run for 2 years and end in August 2018 when new precinct delegates are elected.

If you are elected as a precinct delegate, then you have voting rights at county conventions during your 2 year term.  County conventions are where precinct delegates gather to elect party leadership and representatives to state conventions.  State conventions are used to elect more party leadership, nominate candidates for certain offices, and elect representatives to a national convention.

Liberty Delegates are a group of precinct delegates that work together to advocate for certain goals.  Individual Liberty Delegates working together, voting as a block, and supporting each other is called a caucus.  A caucus in this case is defined as a faction of the political party that works together and votes as a block for the purpose of advancing a cause or issue.

The basic principle of the Liberty Delegate Caucus is that you will work to help get other liberty delegetes elected as delegates to State and District Conventions so that you can have as large of an impact on the election of leadership as possible.  Additionally, you can partake in grassroots activities at conventions like passing out information fliers detailing the record of politicians who vote against core issues, soliciting petition signitures on petitions supporting these core issues, and in certain cases advocate for censure of politicians or party leadership who have taken agregious actions against these core positions.

Here is what Liberty Delegates advocate for:

Economic freedom & fiscal responsibility

Ending the Federal Reserve

Ending taxpayer funding of private political parties

2nd Amendment rights

Education freedom

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